R & D Projects

We provide service on project design, execution and result interpretation on various domains of Life sciences with interdisciplinary touch.

We support:

  • ▸ Academic projects
  • ▸ Synthesis, Biological activity assays, stability and sterility testing
  • ▸ Product/formulation development
  • ▸ Raw material and product testing
  • ▸ Efficacy testing of products
  • ▸ Process/technology development



  • ▸ Microbial techniques
  • ▸ Upstream and downstream processing
  • ▸ Analytical Techniques
  • ▸ Molecular Biotechnology
  • ▸ Animal cell culture
  • ▸ Bio-Archaeology



Microbial limits, nutrient/mineral content,


Phytochemicals, proteins, DNA

Scientific communication

We provide editing service for synopsis, project proposals, dissertations, project reports, journal papers and conference papers.

Technical support

  • ▸ Statistical analysis
  • ▸ Bioinformatics

We provide ideas and guidance for simplifying wet lab R & D work through bioinformatics tools.


Energy saved is energy produced. Likewise environment preserved is environment created. This is not just a biological or physical fact, but a crucial aspect to be practiced. We offer consultancy/services in environmental monitoring and energy optimization to Industries and organizations.